random rambling on changes.

Realizing the fact that not everything will remain as it is in my life, I always wonder how weird human system works. I am not talking about the digestive system nor muscular system because obviously I can learn those in Science. I am talking about something more abstract which no scientist can solve and no one even the most genius man on the earth can give the definite answer.

I wonder how human feelings can be so complicated and confusing. 
I wonder how human thinking can be changed easily; with reasons or none.

When I was living in Johor, I hate "asam pedas" dish so much so that even when I saw it, I smirked.
But I don't know somehow this is now my favourite dish and I can eat it everyday.I mean it, EVERY DAY!

I used to hate outdoor activities like jungle trekking and being uncomfortable in nature environment, sweating and all.
But now I am yearning for another nature adventures or any sort of adventures. I don't mind. Just something new for me to try. I just realized I missed a lot of things and I wish I can do more.

I never like to walk or use public transportation unless I really had to, because it is time consuming and tiring. I always thought it is better to reach a place in the most fast and comfortable mean, so I drive a lot. Easy. Fast.
Somehow it came to me that, sometimes it is not the destination that matters but the things you experienced along the way and whom you travel with makes a journey meaningful.

I don't usually care about things that are not related to me. But little did I realize that at some point of my life, that things will mean something to me.
In example, in the past, ASEAN is just what I studied in the classroom. Vietnam is just another country. Indonesia, we have many Indonesians here in Malaysia. Thailand is where tomyam came from. Brunei is a country with rich people. And I even thought that Cambodia and Laos are the same because I often heard Laos and Cambodia in a same sentence.

However now, those countries are not just another countries for me. I have friends there and I really wanted to go to each of those countries.

I always thought that I want something, but now I become aware that many of those things do not matter to me anymore. And some things that I really hate in the past, I actually love it now. And the places I never intended to go, only God knows how I want to be there at this very moment.

And the things that I like, the people that I think I love. The feelings fade. It just go away. Maybe I had enough of those hopes and uncertainties.
I don't know.

Things change.
My feelings change.
My dreams change.
My life changes, a lot!

I really miss these awesome people!!!

Good Bye 2013, Welcome 2014

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