Have you found the key to happiness?

So, Andreas shared a link on my wall. It is an article about "give to get". It was a good one and very insightful too. But he deleted it before I even get to comment. I have no idea why. haha

and this very article reminds me to one of my job interview session. You know how during interviews we tend to give answers that the interviewers want to listen instead of the real thing or how during interviews we make our sentences pleasing to the ears. But with this one interviewer who were extremely friendly, I gave him an honest answer, without thinking much and I think it is the best answer for the commonly asked question for the interviews I have been to. The most true. at least,true to myself.

"Why do you want to teach?"

I said, " a good teacher is never forgotten and I want to be those teachers whom their students never forget even until they become somebody big in their lives. The teachers whom the students refer as the BEST teacher ever. The teachers that actually change their life even in the smallest way possible."

and after saying that, I can feel myself smiling. 

You know, for me teaching is not just about making students get an 'A' in the paper. It is part of the job, but teacher is more than that. A good teacher teaches, educates, influences, supports, listens, helps and the list can go on and on.....bottom line is, its totally beyond just giving knowledge. 

teaching is synonymous to giving. And that is why I want to teach.I want to give. Unconditionally.

Sometimes, human focus more on receiving more than giving. Its common. Its normal. It doesn't make you the bad guy. No.

Its just that, when you expect more, you tend to give less.

"what will I get in return?"

"how does that benefit me?"
"do I have anything to do with that person?"
"why should I? I don't even know her?"
"I have my own problems, he has his. So, be it!"

expecting something in return when you give, makes you less happy. 

Simple example, when we are in a relationship... often we expect our partner to love us more than we love them or they do something more for us than what we did for them or maybe something almost similar to what we did. And when it doesn't, what happened to us? We become sad? We doubt their love? We get upset? 

Anyhow, none of those is a good feeling. All is negativity which eventually become the factor to the failure of the relationship. Or if the relationship stands, we remain unhappy on the inside.

Obviously I am just talking from an outsider perspective because I am not in any relationship at the moment, but you can change the situation. Doesn't matter. My main point is expecting more makes you less happy. Giving more makes you happy.Simple equation.

You see, when you just give unconditionally, life will give you more. It is not necessarily from the person you gave to. It can be anybody, it can be anything. The least, it will give inner joy. What is better than inner joy? I personally think that is everything I need to go on with life.

My old friend tell me, one thing he learnt in this few years is, "sometimes we see people that have everything to make them happy. but they might be less happy than people who seems to have nothing to be happy with."  Am I making any sense?

Being happy is not about how much you receive. It does not even matter how much wealth you have. It is something that is uncountable. No quantity can measure happiness.

a smile from little kid across the street, that can make us happy.

a thanks from an old lady we helped on our way back from work, is enough to let us forget the hectic day we had.
a hug from a dear friend may let us feel secure after being rejected by our crush.
a simple hello can make us smile all day long.

giving is that simple. Doesn't have to be a rare uncut diamond from the most secluded mountain in the world. Doesn't have to be the most expensive limited edition chocolate bar from Paris. It can be as simple as just being there. 

Give and you will get.

as what I said to Andreas, 

"The bottom line is, just be good, and kind and nice and pleasant person to be with."

that is key to happiness. Its not hard at all.Right?


I couldn't think of any better closure than Andreas' words,
"God never close His eyes..."


touch someone's life with kindness. its free but priceless

random rambling on changes.

Realizing the fact that not everything will remain as it is in my life, I always wonder how weird human system works. I am not talking about the digestive system nor muscular system because obviously I can learn those in Science. I am talking about something more abstract which no scientist can solve and no one even the most genius man on the earth can give the definite answer.

I wonder how human feelings can be so complicated and confusing. 
I wonder how human thinking can be changed easily; with reasons or none.

When I was living in Johor, I hate "asam pedas" dish so much so that even when I saw it, I smirked.
But I don't know somehow this is now my favourite dish and I can eat it everyday.I mean it, EVERY DAY!

I used to hate outdoor activities like jungle trekking and being uncomfortable in nature environment, sweating and all.
But now I am yearning for another nature adventures or any sort of adventures. I don't mind. Just something new for me to try. I just realized I missed a lot of things and I wish I can do more.

I never like to walk or use public transportation unless I really had to, because it is time consuming and tiring. I always thought it is better to reach a place in the most fast and comfortable mean, so I drive a lot. Easy. Fast.
Somehow it came to me that, sometimes it is not the destination that matters but the things you experienced along the way and whom you travel with makes a journey meaningful.

I don't usually care about things that are not related to me. But little did I realize that at some point of my life, that things will mean something to me.
In example, in the past, ASEAN is just what I studied in the classroom. Vietnam is just another country. Indonesia, we have many Indonesians here in Malaysia. Thailand is where tomyam came from. Brunei is a country with rich people. And I even thought that Cambodia and Laos are the same because I often heard Laos and Cambodia in a same sentence.

However now, those countries are not just another countries for me. I have friends there and I really wanted to go to each of those countries.

I always thought that I want something, but now I become aware that many of those things do not matter to me anymore. And some things that I really hate in the past, I actually love it now. And the places I never intended to go, only God knows how I want to be there at this very moment.

And the things that I like, the people that I think I love. The feelings fade. It just go away. Maybe I had enough of those hopes and uncertainties.
I don't know.

Things change.
My feelings change.
My dreams change.
My life changes, a lot!

I really miss these awesome people!!!

Good Bye 2013, Welcome 2014

Teaching Practice day 1 -- Connecting the hearts~


 reaching out to the real world
190213 | SMKTPD

Harini kelas yang pertama untuk practicum...
Alhamdulilah dapat kelas yang paaaaaling atas dan kelas yang paling bawah....

Untuk harini masuk yang kelas paaaaaaling atas tu...
Tak tahu nak ajar apa sbb macam blur lagi...
Jadinya ajar WH-questions...
Budak-budak pandai kan, diorang dah tahu dah semua tu..
Jadi sebagai activity, mereka disuruh seorang demi seorang untuk tanya sesiapa sahaja apa-apa soalan tapi kena guna WH-question tags.....
Memang macam2 ragam soalan dan jawapan...
Pasal artis la, twilight la, kpop la,greyson chance,one direction..err..apa lg lupa..
Dari sini dapat tahu minat diorang...
Di samping belajar, ni salah satu cara untuk ice breaking supaya mereka terasa selesa dengan ticher baru..
macam2 soalan for me too, sampaikan sewa rumah berapa pun ditanya...hehe

Soalan yang terharu rasa is ada sorang student ni tanya kawan dia, "Why do you choose me as your best friend..."
oh so sweet..
Lelaki oke dua2...huhu

and the answer given by the student was, " because we are together since primary school." 
he stopped and they smiled at each other...
both of them are very bright students, both are in the top classroom and i am sure they help each other a lot....
I truly believe that your friends shape who you are and who will you be...=)
suddenly i miss my best friend since form 1...SHAMILAH...=(

Dah selesai activity tu, tanya pendapat diorang pasal poem yang dah belajar, I Wonder....
Poem ni pasal alam sekitar,
Jawapan seorang student ni nama dia Ravinna, dia kata dia suka sebab poem ni pasal nature yang yang orang selalu tak ambil berat...
From her response, sy pun dapat idea utk cerita sikit pasal nature...
Im so glad that i went to PPKA UKM-MNS dan SEE Nature...
Berkongsi serba sedikit pengalaman dan ilmu...
Dan cuba korek-korek on how aware they are to their surroundings..
Ada tanya, "how safe your environment are?"...
Tanya jugak "how long do you think the environment can survive and still be a safe place to live in?"
Tanya pasal kawasan PD ni dan kelebihan magrove..
Pasal carbon sinks...pasal migratory birds...
Dan tanya mereka "What do you do for the nature?"
Ada yang aware dan ada yg clueless..
Cerita pasal turtle makan plastics,dugong, otters....

Mereka sgt interested...
Dan sempat promote Raptor Watch yang akan diadakan nanti dkt Tanjung Tuan..
Ada jugak among them went to the raptor watch last year....

They cooperated very well...
Tomorrow will be going to the other class..
Let see how it goes...

May Allah ease...

Ps: satu perkara yang sy suka bila ajar English, good values can be instilled anytime and anywhere...

Pss: insya-Allah i think i should share as much experience during my teaching practice here as i could..
Psss: excuse me for my bahasa rojak

ah, and I would like to share one of my thoughts after what i've gone through today...it is kind of like a poem....*wah....im a poet!*

I don't want to be a teacher

I want to be a teacher that inspire students,
I want to be a teacher that courage students,
I want to be a teacher that help students,

I don't want to just teach,
I want to educate....

It hurts to force myself to just focus on the syllabus..
I think the students need more than just textbooks...

The advice, "Dont give face to the students,"
Sadly, i could not follow..
The innocent faces asking for attention are just too priceless,
They are so see through eventhough some are naughty,
But that is just it,
They(students) actually listen if we(teachers) talk the right way,
I know,
because then i WAS them...

Just teach--
i can't...

Is my aim...
I don't want to be a teacher
I want to be more

Sometimes we just forgot to listen...